01: I Just Want a Coffee

Some baristas struggle with the fine line between selling a coffee and selling a dream. This can be frustrating for everyone when the customer just wants a coffee. (3:40)

02: Idée Fixe

Baristas practice for thousands of hours in a bid for coffee stardom. Why have baristas Gareth, Heidi and John put themselves through this? (5:37)

03: Your Own Coffee Zeitgeist

There are thousands of possible concepts in a competitive routine. Distilling it down and choosing one can be painful. (5:54)

04: We’re Getting Nervous

As Gareth, Heidi and John prepare for the UK Barista Championships – a look at how it’s possible to judge the prefect espresso. (5:29)

05: Narrowing the Field

81 Baristas and only 12 will make it through the heats of the UK barista Championships. Will Gareth, Heidi and John be amongst them? (6:09)

06: Likeminded obsessives

Friendship and the will to help each other is what distinguish London from other coffee cities. How did a city with no good coffee flourish into the world’s premier coffee community in less than ten years? (6:13)

07: From Green to Brown

A law of coffee: if your beans are not roasted carefully they will never brew well. However, roasting for competition is even more specific. (6:08)

08: No Points for Performance

In competition, great coffee is essential. The technical skills are a must. But, nowadays if you are not a natural performer, you won’t make it. (6:10)

09:The Importance of Meditation

Through their routines we learn so much about coffee’s potential. Will Heidi and John make it through to the UKBC finals? (9:01)

10: From the Farm to the Cup

Better beans means more exciting coffee and the serious barista knows it all starts at the farm, even if that means treating a small section of trees at a plantation like houseplants. (4:14)

11: For Country

After months of preparation and countless hours of training, it all comes down to today. The winner will go on to represent the UK at the world finals in Italy. Who will it be? (9:20)

12: The Crema of the Crop

The World Barista Championships Rimini, Italy and the worlds best baristas are desperate to take the title. Will it be a competitor from the emerging coffee markets of Asia, a brash New World showman or even this year’s British hopeful?

To many Londoners the appreciation of good coffee has coma a long way in a short period of time. It was brought about and nurtured by many like minded individuals who believe the public shouldn’t settle for mediocrity.

This Beautiful Addiction

Jason Breckenridge


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